Caysie Garza, APRN-CNP, Bio-identical Hormones Practitioner
Caysie Garza, APRN-CNP, Hormone Practioner


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Everyone has Hormones. They are Protective. They keep you Healthy. They keep you Alive Longer. All decline in our early 30’s and can cause major issues.

There are three main hormones in our bodies. We like to call them the “A-Listers” of your Body! Their names are Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone.

All three protect our bones, heart, and brain. But when these “Divas” start to show their age, get over-worked, and slow down, YOU (and sometimes the people around you) start to suffer. Gradually you start feeling run down, tired, gain weight, lose your sex drive, sleep too much (or have insomnia), experience depression, anger, get sick, and maybe start experiencing anxiety. Some of you have felt awful for so long (years in some cases), that you have seen doctor after doctor and done blood test after blood test and each time the tests come back as “normal”, but you still feel AWFUL. The truth is routine blood work from your primary care doctor or OBGYN doesn’t include your “Hormone A-LISTERS”; Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone. Remember, they are Divas! They can’t be bothered to be tested, so they won’t and don’t!

Here’s what these Diva Hormones are doing when they feel overworked and want an assistant:
Estrogen: When this gal loses steam, both men and women will become irritable, cranky, and depressed. For some when Estrogen gives you the cold shoulder, they might experience severe anger, crying fits, or weight gain—which in turn causes the above symptoms.
Progesterone: When this little lady decides she needs rest, you’ll be the one to pay the price because your sleep will suffer. Progesterone affects both sexes, so if you start tossing and turning, experience insomnia, are sleeping too much or not enough, you might be lacking in Progesterone. Progesterone also helps with the dreaded “night sweats.”
Testosterone: We call this the “She Devil”. This is the most temperamental and noticeable of them all. When this little monster decides to hide, you KNOW it! First and foremost, both guys and gals lose their sex drive when Testosterone decides to give you the silent treatment. Guys, it might be in the form of E.D. and ladies, you’d rather go to sleep or watch TV., Stamina is dwindling; you tire easily, feel fatigued or “blah”, energy is zapped, have a harder time building muscle. Finally, weight gain.


At Kimiko Medical Aesthetics you will have specific blood testing to check ONLY HORMONES. Caysie Garza, APRN-CNP, will do an hour-long consultation, draw your blood, schedule another appointment for that same week to go over your tests, and put together your personalized treatment plan. This plan will be set in motion for a full year with three more follow-ups and three more blood tests to make sure your hormones are stabilizing. To schedule a bio-identical hormone consultation, call 918.394.2796 or complete the form below.

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