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The Skin is the largest organ of the human body and many factors, both internally and externally, affect the state, appearance and overall health of our skin. It is also one of the first things we see when we look in the mirror. That being said, the way we feel about our skin can greatly affect our self-esteem. Plus, it’s just way more fun to love your skin! Facials are a great way to get you to loving your skin!

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment that can BOTH prevent and correct common skin concerns and conditions. Within a facial, a licensed aesthetician, or skin specialist, will consult with you to determine the goals of the treatment and your skin concerns (i.e. breakouts, dark spots, dryness, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, sagging, dullness, redness, uneven skin tone, age prevention, etc.) In determining this upfront the proper facial treatment can be chosen to fit your specific and unique skin needs.

The next steps of the facial include cleansing, toning, analyzing, treating, correcting, moisturizing and protecting, During the cleansing step, a facial cleanser is used to remove any surface dirt, debris, makeup and impurities so the aesthetician can start with a blank canvas. Next the skin is toned which puts the skin at a safe PH level which prepares it for additional treatments. At this point the skin will be analyzed under a light and the skin type (dry, normal, combination or oily) and current conditions (i.e. dehydration, sensitivity, sun damaged, blackheads, acne etc.) will be identified. Next the skin will be treated using different modalities such as products, exfoliation, steam, masks, and/or extractions. After the skin has been treated, corrective serums are applied to the skin which will penetrate into the lower layers of skin and promote change from the inside out. Then to seal in these products and the skin’s own moisture, a moisturizer and sun protectant is applied. The result is clean, refreshed, rejuvenated, glowing skin and a refreshed, new you!

And we are not going to stop there! You will also receive guidance on how to best take care of your skin at home with a customized treatment plan so that you can maintain your results and accumulate additional results!

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