The Kimiko Difference.

We believe there's magic in the journey to confidence. At Kimiko Medical Aesthetics, it is our mission to make you FEEL as beautiful as you already are. Your appearance is the best representation of you- and we guard it closely. Our approach starts with a relationship. We get to know you, understand your goals, and then develop a plan that is tailored to you and delivers amazing results.

When you visit Kimiko, expect the following:

A comprehensive consultation. Before treatment at Kimiko, we want to get to know you. We will conduct a health screening and discuss your goals. Because a goal is only a goal if it's measurable, we will take before photos. And, because we're results-driven, come without makeup on or be prepared to take it off. This appointment will last about an hour, and you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and a plan of action. If time allows, we can complete simple procedures (like Botox or Lip Filler) at the end of your consultation. If not, we will schedule a separate appointment.

A plan. As we said before, there's magic in the journey to confidence. All great things take time and we believe the best results come with a combination of treatments and maintenance that are completed over time. This Synergistic Approach is unique to Kimiko and tailored to you.

To look like yourself. We said it before, but you're already beautiful. Your appearance is the best representation of you, and we don't want to change it. Our goal is to refresh your appearance- so you look natural, rested, and full of life!

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