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PDO Threads

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are absorbable surgical threads that are inserted into the skin to stimulate collagen and lift the skin. Wherever the threads are inserted, your skin gently reacts by creating a “selective inflammatory response” to produce collagen and lift the skin.  

There are different kinds of threads that can be used on the face or body based on the goal. In areas that need a lift such as the cheeks, nasolabial fold, jawline, neck, and other areas on the body, barbed threads are used. These threads have barbs that take ahold of the skin and allow more of a lift. Smooth threads are inserted into areas that just need collagen stimulation such as areas of loose or thin skin, fines lines, or wrinkles. Twist threads give some volume and can be inserted into deeper wrinkles. All sutures are FDA approved and are one of the safest materials that can be used in the body. Your skin will fully absorb the threads in about 4 months.

The best candidate for PDO threads are our patients with minimal signs of aging and need just a small lift. Also, patients with drooping of the brow, cheeks, jowls, and neck that are not a candidate for surgery or do not want surgery.

The most popular treatment areas are the brows, cheeks, jowls, and neck. However, threads can be performed on upper arms, stomach, thighs, and knees or any area of the body that needs a lift or collagen stimulation. Also, threads are used in combination with many other treatments we offer to give that last bit of lift or improvement.

What to Expect

  • The areas to be treated will be numbed with topical as well as local anesthetic.
  • The area will be marked to map out the exact path of each thread.
  • A small insertion site is made with a needle. The threads are then inserted under the skin in precise locations using a small hollow needle. The needle is removed leaving the thread in the skin. This requires no cuts or incisions. It’s purely done by injections.
  • Depending on the desired effect of the lift, few to several sutures of different lengths and types will be used.
  • Treatment time is based on how many areas are treated but usually you will be in the office less than an hour.
  • Bruising and swelling may occur following injections and may last 1-2 weeks. You may also experience some tenderness in the treatment area lasting up to a week.

The result are immediate and even more noticeable after 1-2 weeks when all the swelling and potential bruising has resolved. The results will continue to enhance as your skin produces even more collagen over the next several months which will also make the results of the thread lift last longer than the life of the threads. More threads can always be inserted down the line to continue to improve the results and prolong the results even more.